Expected results and impacts
The Sea For Society Project expects to contribute to a sustainable marine environment that meets societal needs.

Through its life time the Sea For Society (SFS) project expects to achieve the following results and impacts:

  • Increase European stakeholders, citizens and youth awareness of the relevance of the ocean to their daily lives;
  • Increase European stakeholders, citizens and youth awareness of the results of marine-related research, allowing society to take benefits of that knowledge;
  • Break down barriers among European stakeholders, citizens and youth, enabling mutual learning, co-authored knowledge and solid partnerships for on-going interaction;
  • Lead to further empowerment of stakeholders, citizens and youth to take action at a local, national and European level to tackle marine societal challenges, creating a new form of citizenship;
  • Increase European stakeholders, citizens and youth awareness of the importance of Public Engagement in Research at local, regional and national level;
  • Contribute to helping the European Research Area carry out research resulting in innovation that responds to societal needs and public concerns, improving European marine and maritime governance;
  • Contribute to the Science in Society (SIS) programme by applying existing approaches and by piloting new processes, methodologies and tools where appropriate to implement its innovative Mobilisation and Mutual Learning Action Plan (MMLAP);
  • Define the social, economic, environmental and cultural pillars of the Blue Society throughout the partnership of stakeholders, citizens and youth;
  • Foster an integrated vision towards a sustainable use of marine ecosystems services and a balanced use of marine resources.


 Credit: Nausicaá


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