An international initiative complementary to SFS’ Consultations Forums - The Ocean We Want
A complementary international initiative to the SFS’s Consultation Forums for Young People is being organised by The International Ocean institute (IOI).

The initiative is called “The Rights of Youth in the Sustainable Development of the Ocean - The Ocean We Want” and the idea is that through a Youth Dialogue problems of the Ocean are discussed allowing young people to share their ideas, experiences and personal opinions about the Ocean.


Similarly to SFS’ Youth / Citizens Consultation Forums, this initiative will allow the identification of key marine societal challenges for youth. While SFS Consultation Forums have a European scope (with consultations in 9 European countries – France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden), the The Ocean We Want Youth Dialogue has an international scope.


The Ocean We Want Youth Dialoguewill take place virtually at a specific Facebook page created for that effect, The Ocean We Want Facebook Page. At this virtual place young people with an interest in the Sustainability of the Ocean will be able to make their voice heard and contribute with their views for a sustainable use of our Ocean.


The output of the discussions will form part of a paper at the International Conference Pacem in Maribus XXXIV (PIM34) International Forum on Sustainable Governance of the Ocean, which will take place in Bangkok, Thailand from 3rd-8th September, 2013.


For more information please download IOI invitation


Source: IOI Headquarters, Malta 

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