Mobilization: Coming to a town near you during Summer & Autumn 2015.


Seafest 2015 #BlueSociety          

This phase of the project is all about action! New knowledge arising from the Consultation process has been analysed by the SFS Geographical Area Leaders, the Blue Society Expert Group and the other stakeholders. Through various events SFS partners and associates will transfer knowledge, mobilise and empower stakeholders and civil society at local and European levels.


The target audience the Mobilization phase range from the General Public and Youths to Stakeholders such as business people from the maritime sphere, researchers, educators, and funding agencies.


Mobilization activities include training for capacity-building in science communicating organisations, multipliers and potential champions - CSOs, science museums / aquaria, journalists, marine institute communication departments etc. - through various programmes including Blue Talks, Blue Cafés, Living Labs, Youth Parliaments, Open Days, Festivals and more.


Sea Academies are being organized in some countries; these are multi-day events that aim to train educators and other stakeholders in all of the Sea for Society mobilization activities. Please contact us if you would like to take part in a Sea Academy or would like more information about the kind of activities you can organise in your own community.


The Mobilization phase is closely linked with the launch of the Blue Society concept. This concept outlines the values and principles that underline how Europeans interact with the Ocean and seas and how to go about improving this dynamic. Please visit the Blue Society website for more information about what it stands for and how you can get involved. 



Mobilization Event Highlights - News 

  • Irish teachers took to the seashore during an SFS mobilization action! (1-5th July 2015)
  • Sea for Society at the National Marine Educators Association Conference 2015 (29th June – 2nd July 2015)
  • #BlueSociety arrives in Italy. (9-13 June 2015)
  • World Oceans Day 2015 at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (7th June 2015)
  • Looking back at the Festival ZOUTBAD - World Oceans Day 2015. (6th June 2015)
  • EurOcean and Ciência Viva take #BlueSociety to the Blue Business Forum, Lisbon. (4-7th June 2015)
  • AquaTT brings Sea for Society to Dublin's Riverfest! (30th May – 1st June 2015)
  • Sea for Society at European Maritime Day 2015 (29-30th May 2015)
  • Sea for Society at the Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference (20th January 2015)
  • Sea For Society at the CLORA’s InfoDay on Science in Society (27th November 2014)
  • Sea For Society at the Galway Science & Technology Festival (23rd November 2014)
  • Sea For Society at the 2nd International Ocean Research Conference (17-21st  November 2014)
  • Sea For Society at the Marine Institute’s Open Day (11th November 2014)
  • Sea For Society at the 1st International Marine Science Communication Conference (2nd October 2014)
  • Sea For Society at the 2014 Researchers’ Night in Israel - a night dedicated to the Ocean! (1st October 2014)
  • Sea For Society summer activities in Portugal as part of Ciência Viva’s “Science in Summer” programme (22nd July 2014)
  • Sea For Society project involved in a project to educate youngsters about the sciences of the world's oceans (20th June 2014)


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