Blue Society Concept



In order to help achieve the Europe 2020 strategy for “Smart, sustainable and inclusive growth” SFS intends to define the concept of Blue Society.


The Blue Society concept has been developed through analysis and integration of the common outcomes of the Consultation Phase of the project, together with on-going evaluation of the Mobilization Phase. A Blue Society Expert Group was formed to oversee this process.


The Blue Society Expert Group helps to draw policy recommendations from the feedback gleaned during the Consultation Process, and towards the end of 2014, defined the cross-cutting challenge for the Mobilization phase as being, "The Ocean and human health".


The Blue Society concept will be disseminated at various venues in order to influence policies on maritime issues.



Credit: P. Bincteux - Nausicaá
Credit: Olivier Caloin



Project results – Composition of the Blue Society Expert Group

The Blue Society Expert Group is composed of 15 experts and a Steering group composed of 7 participants from 6 project partners. The experts of the Blue Society Expert Group have experience in different areas of society as for example industry, innovation companies, research, education, arts and policy making. 


Blue Society Expert Group - Experts


Name     Job Title / Institution
Alisdair Pettigrew     Director of Blue Comunications, UK
Eelco Leemans     Director of North Sea Foundation, The Netherlands
François Plassard     Expert, France
Jérôme Bignon     Former French Member of Parliment, Former President of Conservatoire du Littoral, France
Jerry Percy     Chief Executive of National Under Ten Metre Fishermen's Association (NUTFA), UK
Lara Barazi     CEO of Kefalonia Fisheries S.A, Greece
Lars-Göran Malmberg     Professor in Public Law with Maritime and Transportation Law (University of Gothenburg), Sweden
Maarten Vanden Eynde     Artist, Belgium
Maurizio Würtz     Professor Emeritus (University of Genoa), Italy
Patricio Bernal     Coordinator of IUCN High Sea Initiatives, IUCN Global Marine and Polar Programme
Philippe Vallette     Director General of Nausicaá, France
Puri Canals     Freelance Marine Consultant, Italy
Telmo Carvalho   Director, Office of Ocean Affairs, Fundação de Ciência e Tecnologia, Portugal.
Tiago Pita e Cunha     Counselor for Environment, Science and Maritime Affairs to the President of Portugal, Portugal
Yves Henocque     Scientist, IFREMER Maritime Strategy Senior Advisor, France


Blue Society Expert Group - Steering Group


Name     Role
Francois Simard   Chair of the Blue Society Expert Group / Deputy Director and Senior Advisor for Fisheries, IUCN Global Marine and Polar Programme
Carole Martinez   IUCN, SFS WP5 Leader
Kostas Nittis     HCMR, SFS Partner
Manuel Cira     Nausicaá, SFS Project Coordinator
Robert Sanders     EBN, SFS WP4 Leader
Ned Dwyer     EurOcean, SFS WP6 Leader
Tore Nepstad      IMR, SFS Partner



Project results – Documents

[2015] - Blue Society website 

[2012] - Towards a Blue Society, towards a new society (.pdf)

[2012] - Blue Society Concept Presentation (.pdf)


Project results – News

  • Next Blue Society Expert Group meeting: Paris, 22nd September 2015.
  • Blue Society Expert Group met in Brussels last week (18th March 2014)

  • Sea For Society at the 9th Congress of the World’s Most Beautiful Bays Club under the theme “Blue Sea, Green City” (13th December 2013)

  • Towards a Blue Society! – Launch of the Blue Society Expert Group (26th September 2013)

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