Promotional materials

SFS materials of general promotion of the project.

For materials developed under the different phases of the project please visit the Specific materials page.


SFS videos





    Opens only in Internet Explorer and Firefox; low quality videos:


SFS Brochures/Leaflets

  • SFS Leaflet (2012) - English version
  • SFS Brochures on the different Geographical Areas' languages (2013):




SFS Poster


SFS Roll-Up


SFS Logo


Black and White Colour - white background Colour - black background









Blue Society Logo


Black on White   Colour   White on Black  


 #BlueSociety Logo with Slogan b/w



#BlueSociety Logo b/w



#BlueSociety Logo & Slogan colour 




#BlueSociety Logo colour



#BlueSociety Logo with Slogan w/b



#BlueSociety Logo w/b



Blue Society Leaflet


  • Blue Society Leaflet Ed. 2 (2015)


#BlueSociety leaflet    English Version


Blue Society Documents

  • Blue Society Policy Brief - English Version (other languages coming soon)
  • Blue Society Citizens' Promise Charter (for individuals) - English Version


Blue Society Roll-Up


Blue Society Film


  • Blue Society Film - English version (you will be redirected to youtube)


Blue Society Animated Series

   Episode 1: The Ocean & Oxygen
  Episode 2: The Ocean & Fresh water
  Episode 3: The Ocean & Food
  Episode 4: The Ocean & Leisure
  Episode 5: The Ocean & Manufactured Goods
  Episode 6: The Ocean & Culture
        Episode 7: The Ocean & Communication


Blue Society Posters 

Poster: Ocean & Water

The Ocean & Fresh Water


Poster: Ocean & Food

The Ocean & Food


Poster: Ocean & Energy

The Ocean & Energy 


Poster: Ocean & Leisure

The Ocean & Leisure


Poster: Ocean & Trade

The Ocean & Trade





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