New report on the social impacts and value of marine activities
A new Marine Management Organisation (MMO) publication on the social impacts and value of marine activities was released last December outlining the Sea For Society aim of developing a new and ambitious vision for society in harmony with the ocean, the Blue Society.



This report, entitled “Social impacts of fisheries, aquaculture, recreation, tourism and marine protected areas (MPAs) in marine plan areas in England”, aims to increase Marine Management Organisation’s (MMO) understanding of the social impacts and value of marine activities so as to consider them in marine planning and other MMO functions.

Social impacts are considered as the positive and negative effects an action, activity, programme or policy has on society, communities and individuals in terms of, for example, way of life, culture, health and wellbeing. Value is considered as the overall benefit an individual or community gains from an activity both in monetary and non-monetary terms.


The report was compiled by drawing on a variety of information sources (UK and international), theoretical frameworks and stakeholders’ opinions and written in the context of England with a particular focus on the South of England which is the second area for which marine plans are being developed.

Access the full report here


Source: MMO website

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