Commission presents new European strategy to promote coastal and maritime tourism
The European strategy to promote coastal and maritime tourism recognises the sector's potential for sustainable growth in coastal regions in line with the Sea For Society project that ended in December 2013 a series of consultation forums across Europe about 6 key themes, including “tourism”.

The European Commission presented at the end of last month a new strategy to support coastal and maritime tourism in Europe.

Recognising the sector's potential for sustainable growth and job creation, the strategy outlines 14 EU actions to help coastal regions and businesses tackle the challenges they face and strengthen the sector's position as a key driver of Europe's blue economy. These concrete actions are accompanied by a break-down of the tasks that Member States, Regions and industry stakeholders can undertake to complement the EU actions.

The proposed actions include facilitating closer cooperation and dialogue across Europe between all coastal tourism stakeholders, public-private partnerships, promoting skills and innovation, promoting ecotourism, and creating an online guide to funding opportunities to help drive investment. Member States, regional authorities and the industry will be central to the design and implementation of the actions.


Download here the Communication: A European Strategy for more Growth and Jobs in Coastal and Maritime Tourism

Download here the brochure: Coastal and Maritime Tourism


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Source: European Commission (link)


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