Sea For Society and the Blue Society concept at the European Maritime Day 2014
The Sea For Society booth at the European Maritime 2014 was a success. In addition the project was referred in the two days of the event by speakers at different sessions!

The Sea For Society’s booth at the European Maritime day 2014 in Bremen, Germany has received many visits showing the relevance of the project and the importance for Europe to have an updated European citizens’ perception on Ocean issues.


Sea For Society at the European Maritime Day 2014, Bremen (Germany)


Several participants were very curious about the new concept that the project is developing – Blue Society –, a curiosity that was further stimulated after Philippe Vallette, General Manager of Nausicaá, the Coordinator of the Project, spoken about the relevance of the concept at the “Plenary Session 1 – Drivers for innovation in the maritime economy” (May 19th 2014), referring that “Blue Society is the marriage between Blue Growth and Society”. The consultation forums organised in scope of the project were also mentioned by Philippe Vallette as a way forward to understand the European citizen’s perspective on the ocean that will also feed the Blue Society concept.

In addition, on the second day of the event (May 20th 2014) Margarida Suárez from Ciência Viva, partner of the Sea For Society project, also mentioned the project and the consultations forums that took place in 9 European countries in scope of the first phase of the project in her talk at the "Ocean Literay Worksop".


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