Sea For Society Consensus Workshop: Blue Society Challenge has been discussed in Brussels this week
The Sea For Society (SFS) consortium together with SFS experts meet during 2-full days to discuss the theme of the Blue Society Challenge that will serve as basis for the mobilization activities of the project aiming at empowering citizens in Ocean issues.

On September 16th and 17th the Sea For Society (SFS) parties and third parties together with SFS experts from the SFS Blue Society Expert Group and the SFS Communication Task Force discussed at the Royal Belgium Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels, the theme of the Blue Society Challenge.


Sea For society Consensus Workshop - Group photo


The Blue Society Challenge theme is based on the results of the first phase of the project, the Consultation phase and the Blue Society concept principles that are being defined by the SFS Blue Society Expert Group. The 2-days discussion was enriched by the presence of Francois Simard and Patricio Bernal of the SFS Blue Society Expert Group.


Sea For Society Consensus Workshop participants


After two fruitful days it was agreed that the Blue Society Challenge would be based on the main idea that the ocean is essential for human health and well-being. This broad theme will allow SFS partners and third parties to work on the consultation messages obtained in their respective country like this empowering the citizens in their country in Ocean issues.

In addition to the discussion of the Blue Society Challenge, the Workshop participants also discussed mobilization actions and tools for the different target audiences identified for the mobilization phase, both at national and European level. From the results of this discussions a European Action Plan for Mobilization will be developed (WP3) and adapted to the national level (WP4).


Sea For Society Consensus Workshop - Breakout Sessions and results discussion


The mobilization actions will start at national and European level at the beginning of 2015, after the next meeting of the SFS consortium entitled Sea Academy, to take place in December 2014. The Sea Academy will allow training the SFS partners and other multipliers on the Blue Society Challenge.



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