Sea For Society at the 2nd European Marine Science Educators Association Conference
The Sea For Society project was represented at the 2nd European Marine Science Educators Association Conference (EMSEA 2014), promoting the project, presenting the results of the consultation phase and sharing ideas on the mobilisation phase with marine education stakeholders.

The Sea For Society (SFS) project was represented at the 2nd European Marine Science Educators Association Conference (EMSEA 2014), that took place at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, from 1 to 3 October.

The Conference, organised by the SFS Partner UGOTArea Leader for Sweden, brought together marine education stakeholders, formal and informal marine educators, from Europe and beyond, with the aim of discussing and highlighting pathways regarding several subjects, including how to foster the integration of ocean-related contents in science education, and the contribution of marine formal and informal education projects to enhance public engagement.


EMSEA 2014 participants. Credit: VLIZ events / Tuddenham Peter


SFS was promoted in several Conference sessions:

  • Workshop dedicated to the Sea For Society project, organised by Manuel Cira, from NausicaáSFS Project Coordinator, with three sessions.

In these workshops Gaëlle L’Hermitte, Nausicaá, made a presentation entitled “Sea For Society, Towards a Blue Society”, introducing the Project, presenting the results from the Consultation process, and presenting the principles of the Mobilization action plan, having in mind the Blue Society Challenge agreed at the last September’s SFS Consensus Workshop. This presentation was followed by the discussion with the participants. The main objective of the Workshop was to involve the participants in the Mobilization phase, which will start at the national and European levels in the beginning of 2015, after the next meeting of the SFS Consortium at the Sea Academy, next December.

Also collaborated in the Workshop Niamh Dornan, AquaTT, Area Leader for Ireland, Ana Noronha, Ciência Viva, Area Leader for Portugal, and Martha Papathanassiou, HCMRArea Leader for Greece


SFS Workshop   SFS Workshop
SFS Workshop. Credit: VLIZ events / Tuddenham Peter
SFS Workshop. Credit: HCMR


  • Two SFS posters were also presented at the Conference and at the Flash Poster Presentation session.

Sara Freitas, IST - MARETEC, presented a poster in collaboration with Margarida Suárez, Ciência Viva, entitled “Portuguese Consultations”, on the methods and the results of the SFS Consultation process carried out in Portugal.

Vanessa Batista, Ciência Viva, presented a poster entitled “Sea For Society, Summer Dissemination Activities”, about the project pre-mobilisation activities that took place in Portugal, integrated in the Ciência Viva’s “Science in Summer” programme.


 Flash Poster Presentation   Flash Poster Presentation    Posters 
Poster presentations. Credits (respectively): IST-MARETEC and VLIZ events / Tuddenham Peter
        SFS posters. Credit: Ciência Viva


Besides being involved in formal Conference activities, the participating SFS Partners were also engaged in explaining the SFS project in informal contacts with the Conference participants.


For further information please visit the Conference website.


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