“Blue Activities” during 2014 at MadaTech – the Israel Museum of Science, Technology & Space
It was a busy year in Haifa, and there's more to come in 2015!

2014 was designated 'Year of the Sea' at MadaTech, focusing on topics related to the sea, marine culture and the age-old relations between humankind and the oceans. Operating under the umbrella of Sea for Society, many activities conducted during 2014 were designed to engage the community and raise awareness with regard to ocean-related issues.


In April MadaTech opened the international Ships & the Sea Exhibition in its main exhibition hall. Originating in Finland, this multifaceted interactive Exhibition also incorporates many exhibits designed and built at the Museum’s own workshop. Visitors to the exhibit enjoy an exciting learning experience focusing on topics like shipping, marine research, marine culture, the local marine industry and more. The successful Exhibition will remain at MadaTech through April 2015. 


Ships and the Sea

Exhibition: Ships and the Sea


In September Israel’s science institutions participated in the annual international Researchers Night, coordinated by MadaTech and under the umbrella of the European Union, Sea for Society and the Israeli Ministry of Science, Technology & Space. Attended by thousands, Researcher's Night at MadaTech offered a variety of ocean-themed scientific activities, exciting demonstrations, stimulating lectures and enjoyable tours throughout the Museum. Guests of Honor included Minister of Science Yaakov Peri and the Ambassador of the European Union to Israel, Lars Faaborg-Andersen.


Throughout the year MadaTech organized a series of Sea for Society / Blue Café lectures, both on the Museum's campus and at other venues in Haifa and its vicinity. The lectures explored ocean-related scientific phenomena through the lenses of physics, biology and human culture, focusing on a range of interesting themes: oceanography, ocean conservation and environmentalism, civilizations along the coast, health hazards in a contaminated semi-enclosed sea, ocean culture and more. 


Prof Yaacov Kahanov   Film Screening 
Blue Café: Prof. Yaacov Kahanov, lecture on Maritime Civilizations, Ancient Ship Construction   Blue Film: Before the film premier of the France  Movie "EN SOLITAIRE" (TURNING TIDE) a lecturer from MadaTech gave a lecture on single handed sailing around the world. 


Additionally, MadaTech held a Blue Film Screening of the French film ”En Solitaire”. The screening was held at the Haifa Cinemateque, in collaboration with the Haifa Sailor’s Club. Before the film, a MadaTech expert gave a lecture on single-handed sailing around the world, focusing on the unique skills and practices of this type of sailing, including meteorology, global ocean currents, navigation, sailing technologies and more. MadaTech's Blue Café science lectures and film screenings will continue throughout 2015.


As part of its ongoing effort to raise public awareness towards Sea for Society goals, and address specific ocean communities in particular, MadaTech published two articles in Blue Magazine, which targets sea and sailing enthusiasts. Both articles discussed ocean conservation and the need for transition into a Blue Society.  


Blue Magazine 
Blue JournalismAn article published at the magazine "Kachol" (Blue in Hebrew), the largest sailing magazine in Israel


Currently MadaTech is gearing up for another year of promoting ocean conservation and raising awareness for Blue Society and for the Sea for Society cause. Activities planned for 2015 include: a Blue Café lecture on hyperbaric medicine; beach conservation activities with local seaside communities; and a summer program on environmental sciences for young Jewish and Arab students.

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