The first meeting of the Blue Society European Youth Parliament takes place in Brussels.
17th November, 2015.

Delegates of the blue Society European Youth Parliament together with Dr. Antonio Scarasino, of the European Commission, and members of the SFS Consortium.


The Blue Society European Youth Parliament (BSEYP) met for the first time in Brussels recently, as part of the Blue Society Launch organised by the Sea for Society project.

Sea for Society offered the opportunity to European youths, aged 18 to 25, to speak directly to some of Europe's best marine and maritime experts during a dedicated event coinciding with the Blue Society launch event at the European Parliament in November 2015. During the Sea for Society project, we undertook Consultations throughout Europe, many with young EU citizens who provided ideas that helped clarify the values of a Blue Society.


Area leaders were asked to identify and engage youths from their countries that would be interested and capable of taking part in the BSEYP. The youth representatives were selected from those who had participated in the Consultation Phase as well as those reached by the Mobilization Phase. Some of these youths had already embarked on a marine or maritime career path, while others had not. Eighteen young citizens from Portugal, Greece, Sweden, France, Ireland and Italy took part in the BSEYP.


These young people underwent a preparatory process during which they were mentored by the Area Leaders and their teams. Following a period of research and preparation in their own countries, the members of the youth parliament met in Brussels to discuss practical aspects of implementing the Blue Society. Together with Ocean experts from their own country and beyond, BSEYP delegates discussed, developed and crystalized a set of recommendations for a sustainable future. Subsequent to their sessions of discussion and debate, the BSEYP delegates were offered a unique opportunity to present their proposals to the attendees at the European Parliament during the intergroup event.


The general objective of the BSEYP was to help young European citizens to formulate realistic ideas that will be useful to parliamentarians, other decision makers, and European policies.

The general objective was reached through a series of steps:
• Review the outcomes of the stakeholder and young people consultations
• Choose the more impactful solutions (options / further contributions) among those suggested by stakeholders and young people
• Develop these solutions in order to help to implement the Blue Society (with statements and pictures)
• Submit these ideas to the MEPs and other decision makers during the Blue Society Launch Event (18th November).


The full agenda for the BSEYP is provided here.

During the first day of the BSEYP, participants worked on further refining what a Blue Society meant to them.

During the second morning the BSEYP composed the European Youth Parliament Declaration (pdf). This declaration was presented during the Intergroup Event by BSEYP delegate, Joanne Casserly, on behalf of the BSEYP.


Joanne Casserly addressed the European Parliament meeting on behalf of the BSEYP.


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