The Consultation Phase is the first phase of the Sea For Society Project.

The Consultation phase of the SFS project is based on the principles of participatory dialogue. The objective is to engage stakeholders, citizens and young people to discuss how to change their vision and relation to the seas in the frame of six themes linking marine environment to their everyday life: Human Health, Energy, Leisure and Tourism, Transport, A Place to Live and Food Supply.  There will be two strands to the Consultation:

  • Stakeholder Consultation
  • Citizens/Youth Consultation


In order to carry out the Consultation Process, SFS has assigned nine Geographical Areas (FranceGreeceIrelandItalyNorway, PolandPortugalSpain and Sweden) distributed across Europe to ensure that there is a sufficient dialogue encompassing geographical and cultural differences and engaging a broad amount of stakeholders, citizens and youth.


For more information on the Consultation phase please visit the Consultation page under “Project Results” page.


Current and future actions

The results of the 39 Citizens/Youth and Stakeholder Consultation Forums were already analysed and will be used in scope of the mobilisation phase of the project.

For more information on the consultation forums in your respective country please access your country National Blog here.


Developed work


  • Definition of the consultation methodology

The consultation methodology used in the SFS consultations is called “Collective Intelligence” and is also known as “Interactive Management”.The“Collective intelligence” methodology, developed in the 1970’s by John Warfield, is an “idea structuring” and “value structuring” process.It is based on the premise that for resolving complex issues, such as influencing human behavior and, especially, the human choices concerning the use of marine resources, there is a need for a group of knowledgeable people who would deal together with the main aspects of concern, develop a deep understanding of the issue under mutual learning, critical thinking and analysis, and develop the basis for effective action in a spirit of collaboration, consensus and commitment.


  • Consultations forums

A total of 20 Citizens/Youth Consultation Forums and a total of 19 Stakeholder Consultation Forums took place in 9 European Countries (France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden) from May to December 2013. See the calendar of the consultation forums in the Consultation page under “Project Results” page.


  • Materials

In order to better engage the participation of Stakeholders and Citizens/Youth in the consultations in their respective country, nine National Blogs were developed in each of the countries language. Access the National Blogs here

Also, the SFS brochure was translated in the language of the country where the consultations will take place and has been distributed in meetings by the respective partners. Access the SFS Brochure in several languages here

To stimulate consultation participants and prepare them for in-depth discussions of their current views/perceptions a SFS Gallery was developed and presented to the participants in the Consultation Forums. The SFS Gallery was composed of images of the themes under discussion and a video introducing the SFS project and the consultation themes.


SFS Gallery - Images

6 Key themes: A place to live | Energy | Food supply | Human health | Leisure and tourism | Transport  





A place to live 



Credit: Marine Institute, Ireland




Credit: Marine Institute, Ireland

Food supply

Human health









Leisure and tourism



SFS Gallery – Videos

The video was developed in 8 languages of the project to better engage the participants of Stakeholders and Citizens/Youth in the consultations in their respective country. Access the SFS Consultation Video in several languages here


SFS Consultation Film - English version

(opens only in internet Explorer and Firefox; low quality video)


Results of the Consultation phase

To access the results of the Consultation phase please visit the Consultation page under “Project Results” page.

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