The Mobilisation Phase is the second phase of the Sea For Society Project.

The new knowledge arising from the Consultation Process will be taken forward to a mobilisation and empowerment phase where a plan will be constructed to broaden the transfer of knowledge to a much larger and broader audience with a focus on empowering actors and citizens to take tangible actions to help address the identified challenge.

As part of the mobilisation phase, activities will include training for capacity-building in science communicating organisations, multipliers and potential champions (CSOs, science museums / aquaria, journalists, marine institute communication departments etc.) through a “Sea Academy” programme.


For more information on the Mobilisation phase please visit the Mobilisation page under “Project Results” page.


Current and future actions

The Mobilisation phase of the project already started and the mobilisation activities will start after the SFS cross-cutting challenge is defined at the Consensus Workshop, expected to take place during September in Brussels.

However, in order to boost the mobilisation phase and to take advantage of the availability of society during Summer, the SFS project is organizing some pre-mobilisation activities, called Summer Activities.


  • Summer Activities

Portugal - Led by the Area Leader Ciência Viva and the Portuguese partners. In scope of the SFS project two initiatives are being developed under the Ciência Viva’s “Science in Summer” programme:

“Encontros Frente ao Mar” (in English, “Meetings by the Sea”) - 6 special activities in the most affected beaches in Portugal by violent storms during the last winter. These activities include field trips for the general public with researchers from geology and the social sciences and, in September, will be followed by debates with local authorities and stakeholders. Download the leaflet here (only in Portuguese)

"The most popular species of the Portuguese sea" - a guide with scientific and technical support from the main research institutions and public authorities in the field. The booklet features species that are easily found in markets and restaurants and which are not endangered. The guide will be distributed to about 4500 restaurants throughout the country in collaboration with the Portuguese association of hotels and restaurants. Download the guide here (in Portuguese, English and Spanish)


Developed work

Blue Society Quiz and Online Charter Sign-up Now Online!!

Test your Ocean knowledge by taking the Blue Society Quiz. The quiz is currently available in French and English but will be made available in all partner languages very soon.

Once you have taken the quiz, why not sign the Blue Society Citizen Promise. By signing the promise you can show your support for the principles of the Blue Society and have your voice heard by Europe's key decision makers. We are all part of the Blue Society, so let's come together and make some waves.


Blue Society Facebook Page and YouTube Channel

Two key elements of the Mobilisation Phase have been launched recently.

The Blue Society Facebook page is the hub for many mobilisation events and has been growing in popularity since its launch in April 2015.

On the Blue Society You Tube Channel you can find the six animated films developed by our partners at StudioK, specifically for the Mobilisation phase of the project. The films are available in the native languages of all the SFS partners. 


  • Pre-mobilisation activities - Summer Activities

 Two materials have already beeing developed in order to engage and mobilise society to take action for a sustainable use of the Ocean:



“Encontros Frente ao Mar”

(only in Portuguese) 

Click on the image to see the publication


"The most popular species of the Portuguese sea"

(in Portuguese, Spanish and English)

Click on the image to see the publication


Results of the Mobilisation phase

To access the results of the Mobilisation phase please visit the Mobilisation page under “Project Results” page.

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