Blue Society Concept
The Sea For Society Project intends to develop the concept of Blue Society.

In order to help achieve the Europe 2020 strategy for “Smart, sustainable and inclusive growth” SFS is working to define and refine the concept of Blue Society.

The original concept was presented to stakeholders, CSO’s and citizens during the Consultation Process and their input has enriched and further defined the concept and identified where research is needed to inform policy/decision making in order to achieve Blue Society solutions.

The Blue Society concept has been developed through analysis and integration of the common outcomes of the Consultation Phase of the project, together with on-going evaluation of the Mobilization Phase. A Blue Society Expert Group was formed to oversee this process.

The Blue Society concept will be disseminated at various venues in order to influence policies on maritime issues.

 For more information on the Blue society concept phase please visit the Blue Society Concept page under “Project Results” page or visit


What is the Blue Society?


The Blue Society is a concept inspired by the Green Economy concept developed at a global UN level. It is based on the premise that there are two imperatives that society should integrate 1) satisfying the needs of our planet’s inhabitants today and 2) the preservation of means of subsistence for the generations to come, especially regarding the resources and services provided by the Ocean. 


The Blue Society Concept covers a range of perspectives:

From an economic point of view: the profitable yet sustainable exploitation of ocean and ocean related resources as well as taking into account the economic benefits of sustainable management of ocean life (cost of non-action).

From an ecological point of view: preserving the marine eco-system that will fulfil its various major functions: biodiversity, oxygen production, climate regulation, etc.

From a social point of view: equal access to resources so as to cover the dietary needs of the more fragile populations as well as preserving their health, their security and their income.

From a cultural point of view: preservation of traditional cultures linked to the sea and searching for good quality of life.

From a political point of view: good governance of the Ocean, equity between different populations, different countries and between generations.

The Blue Society concept places humankind at the centre. It encourages Society to take action and take part in the implementation of solutions. Ultimately, it challenges Society to identify a Blue Society that ensures a future for the next generations.


For related documents on the Blue society concept phase please visit the Blue Society Concept page under “Project Results” page.


Current and future actions

Blue Society Expert Group composition

The Blue Society Expert Group is composed of 15 experts and a Steering group composed of 7 participants from 6 project partners. The experts of the Blue Society Expert Group have experience in different areas of society as for example industry, innovation companies, research, education, arts and policy making. For more information the composition of the group Blue Society Concept page under “Project Results” page.

Blue society Expert Group meetings

  • 3rd Blue Society Expert Group meeting, 22nd September 2015, Paris, France;
  • 2nd Blue Society Expert Group meeting, 13th March 2014, Brussels, Belgium;
  • 1st Blue Society Expert Group meeting, 23rd September 2013, Brussels, Belgium.


Results of the Blue Society concept development

To access the results of the Blue Society Concept development please visit the Blue Society Concept page under “Project Results” page.

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