The Sea For Society Project has 6 primary objectives.


Credit: NOAA


The Sea For Society (SFS) project aims to develop a new and ambitious vision for society. A vision embracing the spirit of sustainability, well-being and equity for humankind as its guiding principle. A vision that is in harmony with the ocean, a vision that will lead to the development of a Blue Society.


In order to achieve this vision, the project has set six primary objectives:

1. To bring together different stakeholders (economic stakeholders, environmental organisations, local authorities, the public-at-large, and youth) with complementary knowledge and experiences to forge new partnerships using a participatory approach resulting in Public Engagement in Research;

2. To set up a Consultation Process across Europe to facilitate dialogue and cooperation among different stakeholders, to identify challenges and barriers of coastal and marine ecosystem services in relation to societal needs, receive contributions from citizens and youth and propose challenge-driven solutions;

3. To share the co-authored knowledge arising from the Consultation Process in a broad and effective manner in order to empower stakeholders, citizens and youth to take action to tackle the societal challenges identified;

4. To provide advice to inform and support research policy in order to optimise the role of research and technology in tackling marine resources, inland activities and sustainable development;

5. To develop and enrich the concept of Blue Society as a basis for improved governance of the Oceans;

6. To develop ongoing mechanisms such as partnership, interaction, public-research engagement to ensure the sustainability of the Sea For Society process, ultimately resulting in empowerment actions to address marine societal challenges.

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