The Sea For Society Public E-Newsletter aims to give an overview of the project current activities.
Blue Society Expert Group gets ready for its second meeting towards the definition of the Blue Society concept on March 13th 2014.
In order to build on the momentum of the consultation and start preparing the mobilization phase, two meetings will take place at the end of January, one with WP Leaders and Task Leaders involved for the consultation analysis (28th January) and another one with the Area Leaders of the SFS project and some partners (29th January).
Analysis of over 700 barriers to sustainable development of our seas and oceans identified by the recent Stakeholder Consultations across Europe began on November 25th 2013 at the National University of Ireland, Galway.
The SFS message has been successfully spread since its early begin through the 148 communications actions developed by the Partners and Third Parties of the SFS consortium in the first year of the project.
This 2nd Internal E-Newsletter aims to provide Partners and Third Parties an overall idea about the communication activities taken in the first year of the project by the SFS consortium, the status of the project activities and the project next steps, including actions of the Blue Society Expert group.
Two meetings of the Sea For Society (SFS) consortium will take place next week at the knowledge Pavilion, Lisbon, Portugal.
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