Successful second Citizen/Youth consultation carried out in Ireland
Dublin's prestigious 'Science Gallery', in the grounds of the historic Trinity College, was the venue for Ireland's second Citizen/Youth consultation last Saturday (25th May).

Participants between 18-28 years of age and drawn from over 200 applicants, gathered to create new ideas and options around the six subject areas of Transport, Energy, Food, Leisure & Tourism, A Place to Live, and Human Health under the guidance of Michelle Devaney of NUI Galway, along with Olivia Daly and John Joyce of AquaTT.

Special attention was given to the two nationally allocated subjects of Food and A Place to Live, with over 80 ideas being generated.


Credit: Olivia Daly (AquaTT)


Participants reported that they enjoyed the event and that it broadened their knowledge and understanding of the Seas. In particular, the 'Collective Intelligence' methodology employed, where participants are asked to consider themselves as individual cells in a gigantic collective 'brain' was very much appreciated as a way of creating and exploring new ideas.


Source: AquaTT, Ireland

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