Analysis of the results from the SFS Consultation Forums gets underway!
Analysis of the contributions of the sea to daily live and the barriers to sustainable development of our seas and oceans identified, respectively, by the recent Citizens/Youth and Stakeholder Consultations across Europe are being analyzed.

The SFS Consultation Forums have successfully ended in December 2013 after 8 months of Citizens / Youth and Stakeholder consultations across 9 European Countries (France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden). 

The Citizen/Youth consultation forums allowed gaining an insight into what contributions the sea makes to citizens/youths daily lives in each country, across all focused areas: Food Supply, Human Health, A Place to Live, Leisure and Tourism, Energy and Transport. Citizen/Youth expectations, perceptions and solutions also become apparent throughout the discussion. The Stakeholder consultation forums allowed gaining an insight into barriers which stakeholders encounter in relation to marine issues in each country as well as potential solutions to these barriers. While the emphasis was placed on barriers, possible expectations, perceptions and values also become apparent.


The analysis of the Stakeholder Consultation reports, conducted by Dr. Mike Hogan, Dr. Christine Domegan and Michelle Devaney of NUIG, assisted by Marzia Mazzonetto of ECSITE, Joanna Piwowarczyk of IOPAN and Dr. John Joyce of AquaTT, began at the end of 2013 at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

The analysis of the stakeholder reports show that 700+ barriers were identified by the stakeholders for all the six categories under analysis by Sea for Society: Food Supply / Transport / Energy / Human Health / Leisure and Tourism / A Place to Live. The barriers identified were further examined, clarified and categorised on a series of forty vertical panels that allowed easy visual comparisons to be made.


Photos by John Joyce (AquaTT)


In addition, colleagues of IUCN and experts of the Blue Society Expert Group will also examine the consultation reports in relation to the Blue Society concept.


At the same time, analysis of the Citizens/Youth Consultations is also being started which will likewise provide critical information to the mobilization phase.


(Related news article available in the SFS Irish Blog)

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