Sea For Society at the 1st International Marine Science Communication Conference
The Sea For Society consultation process, mobilisation launching, and the Blue Society concept being developed under the project were presented at the 1st International Marine Science Communication Conference – New tools and practices (IMSCC2014).

Sea For Society (SFS) was represented at the 1st International Marine Science Communication Conference – New tools and practices (IMSCC2014), that took place in Porto, Portugal, on 8 and 9 September.

The IMSCC2014 was an interdisciplinary and international marine science communication meeting. The conference aimed to identify challenges for scientists and marine science communicators and to highlight new tools and practices in this field, in order to foster a more efficient dialogue with journalists, decision-makers, and the general public.

Several SFS partners participated in the Conference: Ciência Viva, IST - MARETEC, Nausicaá, UGOT, and NHM. Two SFS posters were presented at the conference:



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poster CienciaViva

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IST - MARETEC and Ciência Viva presented a poster entitled “Portuguese Consultations”, focusing on the methodology used under the SFS consultation process and the results of the consultation forums developed in Portugal. These consultations where carried out by Ciência Viva, the Area Leader for Portugal, in collaboration with the IST - MARETEC.



Ciência Viva presented a poster entitled “Sea For Society, Summer Dissemination Activities”, focusing on the project pre-mobilisation activities that took place in Portugal, integrated in the Ciência Viva’s “Science in Summer” programme. These activities involved the dissemination of the objectives and of the development process of the SFS project and the launching of the mobilising actions in Portugal.


Both posters received the attention and interest of many participants, leading to fruitful discussions. The partners also promoted SFS through informal contacts with the congress participants. This contributed to disseminating the project consultation process, the mobilisation and the Blue Society concept under development. Ciência Viva also distributed a brochure with more information on SFS.




poster photo
             IMSCC2014 participants. Credit: IMSCC2014
             Posters at IMSCC2014. Credit: IMSCC2014


For more information on the SFS Portuguese summer activities included in the Ciência Viva’s “Science in Summer” programme read this news.

For more information on SFS Mobilisation activities visit the Mobilisation highlight


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