Sea For Society at the Marine Institute’s Open Day
More than 300 students visited the Marine Institute during the open day for transition year students, integrated in the Galway Science & Technology Festival, and watched a Sea For Society video, raising their awareness on Ocean issues and the project.

The Sea For Society (SFS) project was disseminated to over 300 students that visited the Marine Institute, a SFS Partner, in Oranmore, Galway, during the open day for transition year students, on 11 November. The Marine Institute’s open day was integrated in the Galway Science & Technology Festival.

During the visit the students met the staff and scientists, who demonstrated and discussed their work on diverse fields of marine research. The students also attended a lecture presenting the work of the Marine Institute, by Helen McCormick, visited an exhibition on marine careers and training opportunities, and watched a SFS video raising awareness of the importance of the Ocean ecosystem services for human well-being.


Students at the Marine Institute's Open Day. Credits: Andrew Downes, Andrew Downes, Marine Institute


This activity disseminated the SFS project aims and objectives, as well as the Blue Society vision, contributing to engaging the students in the projects’ Mobilization phase, which will begin next January, at the European and national levels.  


Source: Marine Institute (20/11/2014)


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