World Oceans Day 2015 at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Sunday 7 June 2015, Brussels


This year’s World Oceans Day at RBINS was one to remember. Over 650 visitors came along to join in celebrating the Ocean and its many wonders.


The Belgian Secretary of State for the North Sea, Bart Tommelein, officially opened the event.


Activities taking place at the museum included a live autopsy of a stranded porpoise and seal, a ballet performance, guided tours of the North Sea exhibit, jellyfish tasting, and more.


Check out the photo gallery below to see how events unfolded.


 Mr. Tommelein opens event    Jellyfish tasting
Event opening by Mr. Tommelein.
Mr. Tommelein is invited to sample some 
gourmetjellyfish during an ocean literacy
Blue Café event!
 Blue Market 1    Blue Market 2
Children participated in hands-on 
experiments during the
Blue Market.
Children participated in hands-on
experiments during the
Blue Market.
 Live autopsy 1       Live autopsy 2
Visitors were enthralled as scientists 
performed autopsies of real
marine mammals. 
Participants learned about marine mammal 
physiology through witnessing the real
autopsies of a stranded seal and porpoise.
 Guided tour    Calling RV Belgica
Guided tours showcased the treasures
of the North Sea exhibit.
Visitors took part in a live Skype hookup
with researchers aboard the RV Belgica
and got to put questions to the
scientists themselves.
 North Sea workshop    Passport of the Ocean
Children and adults alike learned about the
animals in the North Sea during
a craft workshop.
Passports of the Ocean were issued to
visitors to mark their membership
of the Blue Society.
 Ballet dancers    Ocean art
 Ballerinas performed a dance entitled
“Under Water”.
Plastic artists transformed marine rubbish
into beautiful works of art representing
the ocean gyres.
 Charter 1    Charter 2
Mr. Tommelein showed his support for
the Blue Society by signing
the Citizens’ Promise.
 Many visitors agreed with the Blue Society 
vision and signed the Citizens’ Promise
before the day was over.


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