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The Department of Marine Ecology at the University of Gothenburg studies marine organisms and ecosystems, in particular what mechanisms and processes regulate the organisms and the functions they provide. We have strong research internationally in marine chemical ecology, marine evolutionary biology, marine theoretical biology, population and ecosystem ecology of benthic organisms, and internationally recognised research in pelagic ecology and conservation biology. We combine experimental and analytical or modelling approaches, including advanced chemical analyses, DNA sequencing and genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics.

We teach a large number of students, courses ranging from introductory level classes to multi-year advanced degree programs. These classes are taught using a mixture of distance learning, hands-on practical classes in the laboratory and in the field (both onshore, and shipboard), and traditional lecture and tutorial groups. Courses are held in Gothenburg and at two research stations on the Swedish west coast (Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Science – Kristineberg and Tjärnö).

We collaborate with many different regional, national, and international authorities, organisations and companies. In several cases these contacts have had profound influence on marine environmental policies and research. Life in the sea is a topic that readily captures the public interest. We often participate in news media, popular science events and special events for schools.

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