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Built on the occasion of Expo' 92, celebration of the fifth centennial of the discovery of the New World by Christopher Colombus, and run by Costa Edutainment S.p.A., the Aquarium of Genoa is an educational, scientific and cultural pole that aims to develop and consolidate awareness about sustainable relationships between man and sea and, in particular, about the use of aquatic resources and their conservation needs.

The Aquarium is tirelessly active in the field of research dissemination and education, and it carries out many projects (including various EC funded ones) in collaboration with public bodies, associations and specialised operators. In this sense, an essential role is played by the constant links that Costa Edutainment maintains with the public educational institutions in order to offer a support to schools and visitors interested in environmental problems. In fact, the Educational and Cultural Department offers many complementary activities planned in collaboration with the Regional Direction of the Ministry of Education.

The Aquarium plays a relevant role in disseminating scientific knowledge to the public at each level, through dedicated messages and activities, directly involving about 1,300,000 visitors per year (including about 120,000 students) and many more contacts through the institutional web site.

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