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The Marine Institute (Forasna Mara)is the state agency responsible for marine research, development and innovation in Ireland. The Marine Institute, headquartered in Oranmore, County Galway provides a range of services to government, industry, the third level sector and the public. The Institute operates the National Research Vessels and provides data and information services to support industry development and underpin the work of a range of government departments, state agencies and local authorities.

The Institute also provides policy and scientific advice on all aspects of the marine resource, undertakes research, stimulates development, and administers the national competitive research programme linked to the implementation of Sea Change - the National Marine Research, Knowledge and Innovation Strategy 2007-2013. This strategy seeks to strengthen the competitiveness and environmental sustainability of Ireland's marine sector by developing greater alignment between the needs of industry and the research capacity of the public sector and the third level.

The Strategy aims to build multidisciplinary research capacity and capability that can be applied to marinerelated activities, leading to the acquisition of new technical skills, improved flow of expert personnel between the research community and industry and the creation of new commercial opportunities. Sea Change also delivers a comprehensive planned policy support research measure to apply the knowledge gained from research and monitoring to inform public policy, governance and regulation.

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