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The Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR)is the major Governmental Marine Research Centre in Greece, supervised by the General Secretariat of Research and Technology (Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs). It consists of five Institutes, focusing respectively on Oceanography, Fisheries, Marine Biology - Genetics, Aquaculture, and Inland Waters Research. The HCMR staff totals approximately 480 comprising of researchers, technicians, administrative and secretarial employees, as well as 34 crew members of the oceanographic vessels Aegeao, Philia, Alkyoni, and the submersible Thetis and ROVs operators.

The Institute of Oceanography is the largest Institute of HCMR, with 144 personnel and about 50M€ income from EU and national funded projects during the last five years. The Institute provides services and technical support to individuals and organisations, contributing to the comprehension of functioning of marine ecosystems and the management of coastal areas, inland waters and marine biological resources – activities directly associated with sustainable development and quality of life. It has an active role in several projects for the Mediterranean and the Black Seas since international collaboration is among its strategic priorities. It also participates in large international initiatives such as GLOBEC, CLIVAR and GOOS and supports the efforts of IOC. At a European scale it has been involved in all EU framework programmes, as coordinator or partner of projects such as MEDATLAS, INTERPOL, ADIOS, EUR-OCEANS, TWReferenceNET, ESONET, IASON, HERMES, MERSEA, SEADATANET, SPICOSA, , EuroSITES, MyOcean, HERMIONE, EMSO,

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