French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea
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Ifremer is a public body created in 1984, and is the only French research organisation with an entirely maritime purpose. It operates under the joint auspices of the three Ministries of:

  • Higher Education and Research,
  • Agriculture and Fisheries,
  • Ecology, Sustainable development and Infrastructure.

Being involved in all the marine science and technology fields, Ifremer has the capability of solving different problems with an integrated approach. Ifremer's scope of actions can be divided into four main areas, each of them including different topics as described here under:
1. Understanding, assessing, developing and managing the ocean resources (knowledge and exploration of the deep sea; contribution to the exploitation of offshore oil; understanding ocean circulation (in relation with the global change); sustainable management of fishery resources;
optimisation and development of aquaculture production).
2. Improving knowledge, protection and restoration methods for marine environment.
3. Production and management of equipment of national interest.
4. Helping the socio-economic development of the maritime world.

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