Work Package 3
Here you have information about WP3 - Development of Action Plan for Mobilisation

 Development of Action Plan for Mobilisation
February 2014 / September 2014

WP 3 will bring together representatives from the Area teams (WP 2), the Blue Society expert group (WP 5), the Advisory Panel and other stakeholders at a European level to select one cross cutting challenge (and sub-challenges within) from all the co-authored knowledge identified in WP 2 and WP 5. The final societal challenge will be decided through a Consensus Workshop where representatives of the stakeholders present at the consultation process will have the final decision. From the results of the workshop, and in accordance with the action plan new innovative tools and actions will be developed.
This work package aims to ensure a deep and wide-ranging engagement of stakeholders from across Europe in WP 4, with a particular focus on industry and policy makers. Other European bodies engaged in similar work will be involved, as for example the international business network, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, which has members in different countries and also involves national and European authorities.


To select the most common cross-cutting challenge resulting from the Consultation Phase adequate to transfer, mobilize and empower stakeholders and civil society at local and European level;
To identify and mobilise the relevant stakeholders to strengthen the mobilisation/empowerment activities on the selected cross cutting challenge;
To develop an Action Plan for Mobilisation which defines activities, methods and tools for the mobilisation and empowerment campaign;
To design & produce innovative resources and tools to support activities defined in the implementation plan;
To train consortium partners and other multipliers to lead the empowerment activities.


This work packages is divided in 5 tasks:

Implementation of the Consensus Workshop, selecting the most common cross-cutting challenge from the dialogue phase and identifying the knowledge and empowerment needs, end-users, relevant actors and attitude change required
Identify existing activities of the consortium partners and other actors/institutions related to the main challenge identified in order to create synergies
Design a European Action Plan for Mobilisation, describing the necessary actions to empower stakeholders and citizens towards a Blue Society and to promote it towards decision makers
Design and create resources and tools for the Action Plan for Mobilisation
Train partners for Action Plan for Mobilisation

European Action Plan for Mobilisation, identifying the cross cutting challenge, advocacy activities
Resources, tools and identified existing activities for the Mobilisation phase
“Sea Academy” training programme


 Selection of the cross-cutting challenge
 Launch of Mobilisation activities

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