Work Package 4
Here you have information about WP4 - Implementation of Action Plan for Mobilisation

 Implementation of Action Plan for Mobilisation
July 2014 / August 2015


WP 4 will implement Mobilisation activities as planned in WP 3, enlarging the scope of the Geographical Areas to a Europe wide audience, mobilising simultaneously stakeholders, scientists and the general public to take part of the actions planned, empowering them to be catalysers of the necessary change of attitudes and habits on their daily life. The mobilisation, mutual learning, involvement and engagement of targeted audiences will be carried out through a series of interactive activities, facing activities and online activities. WP 4 will assess the impact of the activities using indicators recommended in WP 3.
Each Geographical Area will be assigned a Mobilisation Leader. This institution will act as a hub for mobilisation and engagement activities taking place in its Geographical Area.
A first set of principles on the concept of Blue Society will be additionally disseminated to a broader audience to test the validity/accuracy of those. A consultation will be organised to gather the point of view of a broad audience on some questions related to the cross-cutting challenge.


To implement the planned activities to address the cross-cutting challenge selected in WP3 and reach a broader audience;
To use the tools conceived in WP3 to transfer knowledge and facilitate mutual learning activities;
To receive further feedback from the larger public and stakeholders on some aspects of the cross-cutting challenge and ideas on Blue Society solutions;
To involve broad audience in a consultation, personal action and common action;
To measure impact of the activities as defined in WP3 and WP7.


This work packages is divided in 4 tasks:

Applying European Action Plan to a national/local context to develop individual Action Plans
Implement the planned activities on the cross-cutting challenge to a broad audience
Analysis of Mobilisation activities from a marine science perspective
Analysis of Mobilisation activities from a social sciences perspective

National and local Action Plans for Mobilisation
Report on Mobilisation activities at area & EU level
Analysis of mobilisation activities from a social sciences perspective
Analysis of Mobilisation activities from a marine sciences perspective


 Completion of Mobilisation activities

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