Work Package 5
Here you have information about WP5 - Blue Society Expert Group coordination

 Blue Society Expert Group coordination
June 2012 / November 2015

WP 5 coordinates the "expert group" of the Seas for Society Project, analysing and integrating the common outcomes of each phase of the project (consultation – WP 1 and WP 2 – and mobilisation – WP 3 and WP 4 – phases) in the construction of a concept of Blue Society, identifying the principles and suggesting guidelines for its societal implementation. WP 5 is a cross cutting work package.


To set up and steer the project's Blue Society Expert Group;
To provide guidance following the outcomes of the Consultation Process;
To define and propose principles and guidelines for the concept of Blue Society.


This work packages is divided in 6 tasks:

Creation of the Blue Society Expert Group
Analysis of the WP1 review of knowledge, State of the Art document and stakeholder mapping in the context of the Blue Society
Expert group analysis of Issue Reports, to feed vision of Blue Society
Analysis of Mobilisation activities and feedback
Presentation of the Blue Society concept at the Blue Society Launch Event
Finalisation of Terms of Reference for the Blue Society

Terms of reference for the Blue Society expert group
State of the art of the Blue Society concept
Feedback Report on the results of the Consultation Process
Feedback report on the results of the mobilisation phase
Definition of the Blue Society


 Launch of Mobilisation activities
 Launch of the Blue Society Expert group
 Completion of Analysis of Consultation Process
 Principles of Blue Society defined

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