Work Package 6
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June 2012 / November 2015

The multitude of levels that the project involves (different stakeholders and citizens/youth vs. internal and external communication) leads to the necessity of having a label communication work package. The role of WP 6 is then to provide the general guidelines for all types of communication and ensure the real and correct integration throughout the above referred different levels. WP 6 is a cross cutting work package which a) supports and monitors the communication activities in other WP’s and b) carries out the promotion of the project. In order to ensure correct integration and coherence an experienced Communication Officer will be assigned to the project, being responsible for centrally coordinating the communication activities.


To ensure an integrated and effective communication of the project, its objectives, activities and results;
To develop the Multilingual Project Web Portal;
To monitor and measure all the communication activities in the project in order to assess impact;
To organise a major international conference to present the results of the SFS project and to gather ideas on the sustainability of the consultation process.


This work packages is divided in 6 tasks:

Define the European and national communication strategy and project branding
Set up a Communication Task Force (Partners and External Experts) to provide expert advice and direction for the Consultation and Mobilisation Phases
Develop a multilingual Web portal as a central repository for knowledge collection, debate and dialogue for the duration of the project
Develop Project Promotional Material
Scale-up the communication of the cross-cutting challenge in order to reach a broad European audience
Organise an international Blue Society Launch Event to present the activities, results and future actions

Communication plan and project branding
Project Promotional Materials
Launch of the Web Portal
Annual Communication Report 1
Annual Communication Report 2
Annual Communication Report 3
Blue Society launch event report


 Launch of Mobilisation activities
 Launch of Web Portal
 Project completion

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