Work Package 2
Here you have information about WP2 - Implementation of Consultation Process

 Implementation of Consultation Process
July 2012 / February 2014

WP 2 covers the Consultation phase of the project, based on the principles of participatory dialogue. The objective is to engage stakeholders, citizens and young people on the six key issues of the project in order to ensure a participatory approach to project activities.
There will be two strands to the Consultation: (1) Stakeholders Consultation and (2) Citizens/Youth Consultation.
Nine Geographical Areas (GA) distributed across Europe to ensure that there is a sufficient dialogue encompassing geographical and cultural differences and engaging a broad amount of stakeholders, citizens and youth will be assigned to carry out the Consultation Process. Each Geographical Area has an Area team consisting of an Area Leader to manage and coordinate the activities and supported by Area partners.
Each Geographical Area will tackle 2 issues of the 6 key issues to be tackled in the project (A place to live; Energy; Food supply; Human health; Leisure and tourism; Transport). These issues will be addressed under the four aspects of sustainable development (economy, ecology, social and cultural).


Carry out a comprehensive review of the existing knowledge in marine science relevant to SFS project;
Identify and analyse groups of key actors to involve in the Consultation Process;
To present the results of the Consultation Process to all participants and obtain feedback and validation on an on-going basis;
Through the Process, to develop new partnerships, new co-authored knowledge and ideas for inclusive solutions to address Key Challenge 3;
To create a consultation process across Europe that can show demonstrable benefit and be sustained beyond the project.


This work packages is divided in 6 tasks:
Application of WP1 situational analysis, review of knowledge and identification of actors in order to develop plans and materials for the Consultation Process in each Geographical Area
Implementation of Consultation Process across nine Geographical Areas, in two strands: for stakeholders, and for citizens/youth
Production of “Issue Reports”
Analysis of Consultation Process from a marine science perspective
Analysis of Consultation Process from a social science perspective
Feedback of Consultation results to Consultation participants

Consultation Process plan and adapted materials
Individual reports of each Consultation Process for stakeholders and citizens/youth
Six "Issue reports" analysing the results of the Consultation Process by issue
Global analysis of the Consultation Process from a social sciences perspective
Global analysis of the Consultation Process from a marine sciences perspective


 Completion of Consultation Process

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